Cleaning Tools

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Cafessi Milk Frother Brush Set

A popular brush set to clean a broad range of milk frothers and get into those places which otherwis..

€ 10.14 Ex Tax: € 8.11

Cafessi Swivel Replacement Brush Heads

Don't just throw your swivel head brush - buy a two pack of replacement heads for your brush and ex..

€ 12.60 Ex Tax: € 10.08

Cafetto Barista Cleaning Cloth Set

Cafetto Barista Cloths are premium quality microfibre cloths designed to assist the barista maintain..

€ 17.12 Ex Tax: € 13.70

Cafetto Barista Clip Cloth

Premium quality grey barista cloth, 30 x 60cm with belt clip. Designed to be a longer length so when..

€ 12.33 Ex Tax: € 9.86

Chemex 14'' Brush - Nylon

The Chemex 14" Coffeemaker Brush - Nylon for ease of cleaning your carafe after brewing. This g..

€ 23.15 Ex Tax: € 18.52

Swivel head brush

Ergonomically designed espresso machine brush to assist in cleaning the group head. With its unique..

€ 13.99 Ex Tax: € 11.19