Machine Cleaning

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Cafetto @home Eco Espresso Cleaning Tablets

Directions for use Auto Machine Refer to the machine manufacturer's instructions on how to clean. ..

€ 5.17 Ex Tax: € 4.13

Cafetto @home Eco Milk Frother Cleaner

Directions for use Remove any milk from the system. Run the rinse cycle to flush the line with water..

€ 11.36 Ex Tax: € 9.09

Cafetto Evo Espresso Cleaner 500g

Cafetto EVO is the first espresso machine cleaner to be cert..

€ 13.98 Ex Tax: € 11.18

Cafetto Evo Organic Espresso Cleaner 1kg

Please be aware that this product is only designed for 3 way valve professional coffee machines,..

€ 17.50 Ex Tax: € 14.00

Cafetto J25 automatic machine tablets

Designed for Java, Jura, Krups machines. Directions for use: Insert one tablet is the special open..

€ 22.44 Ex Tax: € 17.95

Cafetto Milk Frother Cleaner Blue

A unique 3-in-1 product that cleans, descales and sanitises. To be used daily to remove milk residue..

€ 14.11 Ex Tax: € 11.29

Cafetto N10 automatic tablets

Designed for Azkoyen, Black & White, Nuova Simonelli Microbar, WMF. Directions for use: Insert ..

€ 10.00 Ex Tax: € 8.00

Cafetto Organic Milk Frother Cleaner

An organic liquid cleaner designed to remove milk residues from milk lin..

€ 14.11 Ex Tax: € 11.29

Cafetto Organic Tevo Maxi

Designed for 3-way valve professional espresso machines, American Metal Ware. Directions for use: D..

€ 30.82 Ex Tax: € 24.65

Cafetto Organic Tevo Mini

Cafetto® Tevo is OMRI Listed for use in organic systems.Registered by the BFA for use with organic c..

€ 15.75 Ex Tax: € 12.60

Cafetto S15 automatic machine tablets

Insert one tablet is the special opening and follow the machine manufacturer’s cleaning and maintena..

€ 21.46 Ex Tax: € 17.16

Sage Water filter 6-pack

Charcoal filter removes impurities that affect the smell and taste of water. Filter should be change..

€ 32.76 Ex Tax: € 26.21