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Espresso Gear Knockbox

Knock yourself out! The Pisa Knock box is made from recycled stainless steel, polished to a mirror f..

€ 50.71 Ex Tax: € 40.57

Espresso Gear Knockbox drawer

Stainless steel knockbox with rubber bar which both absorbs sound and is highly durable. Air vents t..

€ 108.20 Ex Tax: € 86.56

Espresso Gear Knockbox drawer - Matt black

Matt black knockbox with subtle Espresso Gear logo. Complete with sound absorbing rubber bar which i..

€ 121.90 Ex Tax: € 97.52

Rhino Floor Knockbox Tube

Knock out tube from Rhino, for any fast paced cafe where the coffee needs to be thumped out fast! T..

€ 88.89 Ex Tax: € 71.11