Tamper mats

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Espresso Gear Clickmat

The Attento Click Mat, just as all the Attento products, is designed to help you streamline your bar..

€ 33.21 Ex Tax: € 26.56

Espresso Gear Edge Tamping mat

The edge tamping mat is a natural evolution of the smaller Robusta tampermat. Same food safe si..

€ 28.46 Ex Tax: € 22.77

Espresso Gear Robusta Tamper mat

Robusta Silicone tamping mat. A good, durable, tamping mat is a must. You don't want to damage that ..

€ 11.70 Ex Tax: € 9.36

Tiamo Moulded Corner Mat

The Moulded tampermat is moulded so that the Espresso machine handle can easily rest on the counter ..

€ 23.91 Ex Tax: € 19.13

Tiamo Tamping stand

Tamper stand for support. Stability is key. Use the Tiamo tamping stand for stability and cleanlines..

€ 37.81 Ex Tax: € 30.25