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Grinder Manual Rhinowares Mini with Aeropress adap.

The Rhinowares compact hand grinder with AeroPress Adapter is designed specifically to work with you..

€ 54.10 Ex Tax: € 43.28

Grinder Manual Rhinowares SS

To give better tasting coffee grind your beans and brew them straight away. This Rhinowares grinder ..

€ 54.10 Ex Tax: € 43.28

Rhinowares Black Knockbox

Rhinowares range now includes this black coffee Knock Box for home or office. Perefect the home bar..

€ 23.75 Ex Tax: € 19.00

Rhinowares Deluxe Knockbox

This Rhinowares coffee puck knock bin allows you to effortlessly knock the used coffee out of your f..

€ 46.25 Ex Tax: € 37.00

Rhinowares Floor Knockbox Tube

Knock out tube from Rhinowares, for any fast paced cafe where the coffee needs to be thumped out fas..

€ 88.89 Ex Tax: € 71.11

Rhinowares Shot Glass 2oz / 60ml

This thick walled shot glass is great for pulling espresso shots into. With graduated measuring lin..

€ 4.13 Ex Tax: € 3.30

Shot Glass Rhinowares 2.4oz / 70ml

This shot pitcher from Rhinowares has everything you need with a handle and two pour spouts! Graduat..

€ 6.16 Ex Tax: € 4.93