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Filter Gold melitta style- Espresso Gear


A Permanent 23 carat gold coffee filter means you'll no longer need to buy paper filter paper,  making this a more environmentally friendly option. Easy and light to transport it's an ideal product to take to work or for making coffee on the go.

As the coffee doesn't go through a paper filter, you'll get a different taste , the gold filter ensures the oils from the coffee beans are part of the brewing process giving a richer taste.  The magic of Cores cone filters is that the holes are longitudinal, where as other permanent filters might have round holes which can be blocked by ground coffee, these rectangular holes allow the water to flow out. Not only rectangular and longitudinal, these holes are punched from the inside out, encouraging water flow to go the same direction. The gold plating doesn't react with the brewing process in any way, ensuring there's no taste from the metal or paper affecting your brew.

The KF4 corresponds to the size, with a 6-12 cup capacity and a collapsible handle for easy removal. Replaces filter papers of 1x4 size.

It’s the perfect partner of your drip coffee maker, easy to clean and always ready for use. We'd recommend a medium grind for your coffee to ensure less sediment in your cup.


  • 23 carat gold
  • Kf4 size, replaces 1x4 sized filters
  • Brews between 6 - 12 cups
  • Permanent filter
  • Releases more of the coffee oils giving a different taste to your brew
  • Has a handle for lifting up after brewing
  • Comes in a cardboard box


Please note we recommend to hand wash with love, not dish wash. Also be aware that you also get some sediment in your cup as there is no filter paper.