Espresso Gear


Espresso Gear Attento Thermometer


Stick near the base of your milk pitcher for a quick and accurate temperature reading.

The Attento is a thermo-label which you stick on your frothing pitcher.

The label has liquid crystal sensors which indicate the accurate temperature by turning from green to black. Faster than lightning!

A big issue with standard frothing thermometers is the delay in showing the temperature. They are very often up to several seconds out of sync with the actual temperature of the milk. This is an effect of all probe thermometers, but not with the Attento. Liquid Crystals react instantly when a certain temperature is reached.

The Attento is always in place once applied to the pitcher, even when put through the dishwasher. You don't have to remember to dig it out of a drawer.  From now on, with the Attento thermometer, the quality of every pitcher of milk you froth will be perfect. Highly durable and professional quality.