Timemore Crystal Eye Dripper V02 - glass

New Timemore Crystal Eye Dripper V02 - glass

At first glance you'd think this dripper was actually made of crystal, it's so clear, sparkly and just beautiful to look at, not only that but this awesome creation from Timemore will ensure your pourovers won't over extracted. The structure isn't just good to look at, it has purpose.

Unlike most filters which are convex, this work of art is designed with a concave principle, the lower area of the dripper, instead of slowing down the brew actually increases, making the water flow more smoothly and the extraction more uniform. 

1 - Sealed layer - the filter paper completely attached to the smooth top part of the dripper so water cannot get through.

2 - Water layer - the shape of the filter controls the folow of the water.

3 - Coffee layer - the ground coffee will fill the bottom area which is less ribbed and more grooves to encourage the water flow and thus reducing the chance of over extracting.


A weighty, impressive and unique dripper which will impress even those who don't love coffee. It's another masterpiece from those coffee lovers at Timemore.


  • V02 glass filter for 2-4 cups
  • Hand made from optical glass
  • Dimensions:    13,7cm x 98cm
  • Weight:             150g
  • 3 layers to ensure even extraction of coffee
  • Contains 10 filters to get you started
The dripper is compatible with V02 filter papers which we stock from Timemore, Hario and Tiamo.  Place the crystal eye on the dripstand from Timemore and you've got yourself a brew kit; add a scale, hot water and some ground coffee and you're on your way to a perfect brew!

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