100 Arabica Blend Espresso 1kg - LPDC


Quality Italian coffee that will blow your mind. Le Piantagioni del Caffè (LDPC) have been roasting single estate coffee since 1994. They've good, direct relationships with the producers in each country to ensure the level of quality and farming is as premium as possible.

You don't need to be an expert to appreciate these delicious coffees. 

This 100% arabica blend will amaze you with its assorted flavours, its texture and its smooth sweetness.

Explosiveness meets grace in a unique result.

The long aftertaste of this coffee enhances its elegance, making it a perfect match for haute patisserie.

1kg Espresso beans


Guatemala - Finca El Hato Blue

Eithiopia - sel Yrgalem

El Salvador - Finca San Luis

Brazil - Fazenda Monte Alegre & Fazenda Samambaia