Brewista Ratio Scale


The only scale that teaches you how to make perfect coffee.

The new Brewista Ratio Brew Scale is the ultimate brewing scale. It gives guidance on brew time, the ratio of water to coffee and brew time, all on the scale with no need for external devices.


  • Auto Tare - Scale will auto tare when you place vessel on scale and when you his RATIO button.
  • RATIO function - Scale will weigh the coffee you place in vessel and tell you the exact amount of water to add. This RATIO can be set by user.
  • Auto Time - Brew time starts once water hits the coffee, automatically.
  • Brew Speed - The scale will give you the perfect brew time and give you live feedback on your pour. This way you can see if your pouring to fast or too slow and adjust accordingly.
  • Re-chargeable - Has USB re chargebale battery.
  • Water Resistant - Coated in water resistant nano technology allows accidental spills and also to wash the scale without affecting the scale at all.
As you near the end of the pour time and the screen will turn from orange to blue to let you know it's nearly coffee time.