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Scale Ratio Scale - Brewista


The only scale that teaches you how to make perfect coffee.

The new Brewista Ratio Brew Scale is the ultimate brewing scale. It gives guidance on brew time, the ratio of water to coffee and brew time, all on the scale with no need for external devices.


  • Auto Tare - Scale will auto tare when you place vessel on scale and when you his RATIO button.
  • RATIO function - Scale will weigh the coffee you place in vessel and tell you the exact amount of water to add. This RATIO can be set by user.
  • Auto Time - Brew time starts once water hits the coffee, automatically.
  • Brew Speed - The scale will give you the perfect brew time and give you live feedback on your pour. This way you can see if your pouring to fast or too slow and adjust accordingly.
  • Re-chargeable - Has USB re chargeable battery.
  • Water Resistant - Coated in water resistant nano technology allows accidental spills and also to wash the scale without affecting the scale at all.
  • Maximum weight: 2kg; accuracy: 0.1 g

Product Dimensions: 6.5" (165mm) W x 7.75" (197mm) D x 1.5" (38mm) H
(Weighing platform is 140mm flat edge to flat edge)

Brewing Modes

  • Manual:
1. Place your brewing vessel onto the platform.
2. Press ZERO button to tare and set display to zero.
◦ Brewing vessel weight must be zeroed out before adding coffee grounds.
3. When the coffee bean icon appears, add the desired amount of coffee grounds to your brewing vessel.
4. Press RATIO button - the scale will calculate the target weight using the selected ratio.
5. When kettle icon appears and weight in the lower right of LCD reads, “0.0”:
◦ Start the timer by pressing the TIMER button.
◦ Begin adding water to your brewing vessel.
◦ As the timer counts up, the Upper “Target” rate bar segments appear at 10-second intervals.
◦ As water is added, the Lower “Actual” rate bar segments appear.
6. When the weight of the water added reaches 60g less than the calculated amount shown at the top right, the screen begins to flash. 
7. Once the lower display reading reaches the upper display volume the entire display screen will change colour from orange to white.

  • Automatic:
1. Place brewing vessel on the scale platform - after 3 seconds, weight reading goes to “0.0” (Auto-tares).
2.  When the coffee bean icon appears in the upper left of the LCD screen, add coffee grounds to the brewing vessel.
3. Press the RATIO button.
◦ The upper right of the LCD shows the calculated target weight and the lower display shows zero.
4. When the kettle icon appears, begin adding water to your brewing vessel.
◦ The count-up timer begins automatically.
◦ The Upper “Target” rate bar segments appear at 10-second intervals.
◦ The Lower “Actual” rate bar segments appear as water is added.
◦ Pour brewing water at a rate that keeps the lower and upper bars even.
◦ When the weight of the added water reaches 60g less than the calculated amount shown at the top right of the LCD.
5. Once the Target Weight is reached, the display color will change from orange to white.