Created Co.


Porcelain Cup - Angled Mug Gray 12oz/ 36cl - Created Co


Elegance in its simplicity. This range is for people who want quality with a difference.

The sharp angles and bold lines are mystifyingly beautiful. Perfect for home or cafe environments.

 Created are an Amercian company who believe in quality, durable products.

The porcelain is fired at over 1300°C to create a vitreous, more hardy surface.

They test their raw materials to ensure the clay is of premium quality.

The water used in the process is filtered to ensure there are no minerals that could cause purity issues.

Even the air in the manufacturing process is filtered to keep dust out so you don't get dirt under the glaze of your crafted cups.


  • Gray colour
  • 6 units per box
  • Available in Angled range Espresso  3oz
  • Cappuccino 6oz
  • Small Latte 8oz
  • Large Latte 12oz
  • Drip Mug  12oz