Tiamo Cupping Bowls White 6pcs

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White cupping cups sold in packs of 6 units.

Dual color cupping cups are sold in packs of 6 units.


-White on the inside and white on the outside.
-150ml & 200ml visual measuring lines on inside of cups.

-Can be printed with own logo for additional cost.


And this is how you cup:

1) Measure up 12g of coffee beans and grind 'em coarse
2) Add 200ml of off the boil water
3) Let it brew for 4 minutes
4) Carefully remove the coffee grounds that have floated to the top
5) Sniff up the amazing aromas from the beautiful brew
6) Now take out your spoon, slurp and inhale the wonders of your coffee
7) Spit or swallow, your choice but make sure you clean the spoon before the next cup...can't have cross contamination now!