Filter K02 - ceramic brown - Tiamo


Flat bottomed brown ceramic K filter, a great way for getting the best from your coffee, especially for those new to pour over. The flat bottom filter is a bit more forgiving when using compared to the V filters.

Paper filters used are flat bottom wave filters, 100% unbleached.


  • Brown ceramic
  • Flat bottom to assist even extraction
  • Comes with a plastic drip tray for resting filter on after brewing
  • Use together with the Tiamo unbleached K filters or Kalita Wave filter paper

Short explanation of different types of filter holders:

V02 = Filter is shaped as a "V"

102 = Classic Melitta types of filter. Shaped such as a "__/"

K02 = Round flat bottom with curly top eges (number means the size, 01 is for 1-2- cups and 02 is for 2-4 cups)