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Grinder Macap M2D Black


Great on demand grinder for smaller cafes, restaurants or for more advanced home users.

A great grinder for offices, smaller cafes or home use and at a great price.  Italian designed and produced grinders from Macap, combines design, speed and blades which have a long life.

This is an on demand grinder which means that it grinds exactly the amount you need when the red button under the coffee outlet is depressed.  There is a knob on the bottom of the grinder that allows the user to change the time the grinder is to grind the beans for once the red push button is depressed. This programmable dosage feature offers a more consistent dosage of the grinds into the portafilter over the conventional M2 grinder which has a user controlled on/off switch.


  • 50mm flat grind burrs
  • M2D is programmable 1 dose - can programme
  • Hopper size 250g
  • Grinder speed 1400RPM
  • Motor power: 150W
  • Blade lifespan: 150kg
  • Height adjustable filter holder
  • Dimensions: H: 382mm W: 152mm D: 250mm

Also available in chrome as a special order

Perfect grinder for smaller coffee shops.

 We recommend Cafetto organic Grinder Cleaner to ensure thorough cleaning of the burrs from the oils and aromas which can build up and alter the coffee taste over time.