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Grinder Slim Plus - Timemore


You don't have to be a lover of coffee to appreciate this little gem. As always Timemore products are packed in a luxury box and have a great feeling of quality. You'll be sold even before you hold it. 

The Slim Plus is a great gift for anyone wanting to grind beans whether they're away from home or out travelling. The crank arm is easily removable to save space to store it. 

A great, affordable grinder that is pure enjoyment to use. Robust, one piece aluminum body with solid, stable burrs that ensure there's no sideways movement causing uneven grind. 

The plus version has the new, upgraded E&B burrs (espresso and brewing) which are suitable for giving consistant brewing whether you want Turkish or coarser for Chemex. As with all Timemore grinders the adjustment of the grind is stepped, just turn the dial to get the desired coarseness. Clockwise towards the smaller dots for a fine grind and anti clockwise for coarser. 

Elegant, durable and gives a good even grind; you'll not want to grind without it. A perfect multi use grinder! 


  • Small enough so you can grind on the go
  • Screw on metal base
  • Diamond pattern for ease of grip
  • Click adjustment dial to get the desired coarseness
  • Dual bearing system gives a stable axle to ensure an even grind
  • 38mm conical burrs made of hardened stainless steel
  • Comes with a storage pouch

  • Dimensions 175mm x 45mm
  • Weight 435g
  • Capacity approx 25g
  • Walnut wooden handle held in place with magnet
  • Aluminum alloy body
  • Stainless steel burrs 38mm

Please note that this replaces the previous version of Slim TIM541.