Kalita - Smoky Blue Grinder

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Smoky blue hand grinder from Kalita fro 35 – 40g of beans.

Kalita's stylishly retro smoky blue hand grinder with wooden body, metal top and iron conical burrs. A modern manual hand grinder with an old fashioned twist. The best way to brew coffee is to start with using fresh, whole beans and grind them. This could be a perfect grinder if you're just starting out and want to start grinding your own coffee.

Easy to take apart to clean or adust - just take the handle off and screw the tab to loosen or tighten the burrs which will give you different grind consistencies.

Grind slowly for best results to ensure the coffee retains the oils in the brew.

Please note the iron burrs will rust if any moisture is left on them - keep it dry!

Holds approx 35-40g beans

Dimensions 18,8 x 9,5cms