La Cumbre El Salvador Estate Espresso 250g - LPDC


Quality Italian coffee that will blow your mind. Le Piantagioni del Caffè (LDPC) have been roasting single estate coffee since 1994. They've good, direct relationships with the producers in each country to ensure the level of quality and farming is as premium as possible.

You don't need to be an expert to appreciate these delicious coffees. 

La Cumbre is one the coffees with the most incredible aromatic characteristics. It is produced by the farm awarded with the Cup of Excellence 2018. It has a fruity character without compromise: apple aroma, cherry and banana taste, enveloping sweetness and silky body.

Enjoy it between meals and preferably without any milk or sugar, in order to better appreciate its full aroma

250g Espresso beans


El Salvador - Finca La Cumbre - Illamatepec

Process: Natural

Alt: 1500 - 1600m

Var: Bourbon