Espresso Machine, The Bambino - Sage


It might not be as big as its other Sage coffee machine relatives but it sure is eager to please. It's small, sleek and works well in compact spaces..

It heats up quick, in just 3 seconds, and and gives a great quality espresso and the steaming wand produces sleek textured milk without having a barista in your kitchen or prior knowledge.

With just a few buttons to choose from, it's hard to get a bad coffee with the Bambino, it's designed for simplicity. 


  • Dimensions  310mm tall, 195mm wide and 320mm deep
  • Removable 1.9l water tank
  • Includes a 54mm portafilter, a stainless steel milk jug and a coffee tamper,
  • A water filter is also included to be added to the water tank and ensure espressos are scale-free.
  • Stainless steel 

For the ultimate coffee experience we recommend you grind your beans immediately before brewing, whatever your coffee making preference.