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Take Away Aroma cup 12oz/36cl 1000pcs

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A takeaway cup that has a wider diameter than most, enabling it to not only work perfectly with the Foamaroma lid but easier for latte art pouring.

FoamAroma was designed to enhance the coffee or tea drinking experience by engaging more of your senses. The customer on-the-go can now have a similarly enjoyable and rewarding experience as those drinking in the shop from an open cup.
These plain cups are a perfect addition to your takeaway drink range, the lids are a 'one size fits all' for both the 8 and 12oz, so no need to keep track of which lids fit which cup, just buy the one!

The Aroma8 has a wider top that most 8oz cups making it easy to pour latte art if that's your style. Also available in the range are corrugated and / or double walled cups. All of which can be customized with a print if required, otherwise you're welcome to order your own design on our stamp to brand your cups yourself.


Sold in boxes of 1000pcs.