Timemore Pourover Tianmu

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A gift set of exquisite quality and beauty – hand made porcelain in black

This is the most amazing gift set we've ever had the pleasure of getting our hands on. This is the ultimate in coffee gifts.

The set itself comes in a huge black box with the products separately nestled into their own foam compartments. You will lift off the lid and be in love with this set from the moment you see it. Tianmu is a pour over coffee set made with precision for coffee extraction. It combines traditional Chinese tea making porcelain in a modern, unique way for coffee brewing.

The design of all the components are well thought through; the shape of the drip tray and the dripper when placed together has the shape of an hour glass, the server has a flat handle for a thumb rest.


  • The set includes a ribbed filter holder, a cup, a server and a drip tray to rest the filter on to drip after brewing
  • The server has a flat handle for comfortable thumb rest
  • Hand made porcelain
  • Comes in black or white

Due to the delicate nature and precision of this set, we'd recommend carefully hand-washing it with love.