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Sage - The Barista Express

"Almost every ingredient tastes better when it's fresh and coffee is no exception." The natural oils..

€ 876.45 Ex Tax: € 701.16

Sage - The Dual Boiler

Espresso perfection requires precision temperature and pressure control, consistently, every time,..

€ 1,424.30 Ex Tax: € 1,139.44

Sage - The Oracle

At the heart of the Oracle™ is it's dual stainless steel boiler triple heat system.  The O..

€ 2,848.71 Ex Tax: € 2,278.97

Sage - The Smart Grinder Pro

The perfect coffee needs a precise amount of freshly ground beans. But adjustments in grind size re..

€ 350.51 Ex Tax: € 280.41

Sage - The Smart Kettle

To extract the most delicate flavours, different teas need to be steeped at different temperatur..

€ 186.16 Ex Tax: € 148.93

Sage - The Tea Maker Kettle

The Sage™ Tea Maker™ is the world’s first fully automatic tea maker, it brews for exactly the rig..

€ 328.60 Ex Tax: € 262.88

Sage Water filter 6-pack

Charcoal filter removes impurities that affect the smell and taste of water. Filter should be change..

€ 32.76 Ex Tax: € 26.21