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April 13, 2023 2 min read

Wanna stay indoors?

We've talked about the challenges of brewing coffee outside your home, that being the outdoors or even your office. If you missed it, your chance to read it is here: Coffee to go; brewing outdoors.

Let's not single out you good people who aren't actually that interested in getting dirty outdoors and brewing. Why leave the kitchen where you know the water will be 94°c in your kettle and there's water on hand?

The AeroPress, despite us saying it's amazing for on the go (which it is) can actually be used, not so surprisingly, indoors too! Easy to use, to store and to brew with.

This is an AeroPress

A humble V dripper, named after its shape and available in V01 or V02 size depending if you're brewing 1-2 or 2-4 cups. Should you want a classic porcelain filter check out Tiamo V02 filters, if a more technical heavier weight glass filter is your thing then Timemore's crystal eye could be for you, which also comes in plastic if you're worried about breakages.

V01 for 1-2 cups V02 for 2-4 cups Stagg XF from Fellow  Flat-bottomed  Dripper by Clever
This is a coffee filter in the size v01 by brand Timemore This is a coffee filter in the size v02 from brand Tiamo Stagg XF pour-over dripper brews up to 600ml
This is a flat-bottomed coffee filter
This is a coffee Dripper by Clever
V01 Collection V02 Collection  XF Dripper Matt  Flat-bottomed collection  Clever Dripper

Looking for forgiveness with your bleary morning eyes? Then a flat-bottomed filter would be your choice of brewer, easy to control and actually really hard to mess up, even when blindfolded. There's a glass option from NotNeutral, a porcelain one from Tiamo, or the Stagg XF from Fellow.

Some people rave about the Clever Dripper, yes it's plastic and simple but in its simplicity is something quite magical that's almost hard to comprehend. A full immersion brew; you add water and coffee, wait 3 minutes and taddddaaaa, put the dripper on a server and the valve releases the brew. (let's note, also good for camping, if you do ever want to venture outdoors!)

Just make sure you have got the right filter papers for the right dripper, V filter paper for the V (or V60) drippers, K filters for the flatties and Melitta style (Filtropa) for the Clever Dripper.

Yes, there are many ways to brew coffee but for the love of keeping it simple, we've just selected a few, not including the coffee in a sock method or crushing beans with stones.



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