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May 12, 2023 2 min read

Roast n toast

The roasting bug bit you and you're stuck watching the heat gun dog bowl home coffee roasting video pondering if that's a good idea. It's not, don't listen to the little devil on your left side. 

Some alternative home methods you might hear of are; roasting your coffee in the grill pan or the oven but these two methods make it hard to get the perfect roast and they are REALLY smokey. The popcorn machine roasting method is also not the best because, well, the popcorn machine was built for popcorn but among the alternative ways this is the least smokey and can get you a better roast.

It's completely possible to roast beans at home in a safe manner, we just need to pay attention to a couple of things:

Bean's choice

Uniform beans are key to a great home roast. It's also important to notice that the fresher the bean, the greener it is and as it gets old white shades might appear. 

Choose your roasting method

A dedicated home coffee roaster might seem like a big investment, but if you want to make it right and safe, that's the way to go. You can get this home Behmor coffee roaster here;

Lovely home coffee roaster 2020SR+ by Behmor


 Once your equipment is preheated and your beans are measured out, it's time to start roasting! Some major aspects to consider: 


  1. Set the temperature between 350F to 500F (or 176°C to 260°C)
  2. Agitation, if you're not using a coffee roaster, keep beans stirred so they have even distribution
  3. Pay attention to the first and second cracks. The first cracking happens around 4 minutes of roasting and your bean is ready to be used for white coffee. The second crack is really important, stop the roasting process no longer than 30 seconds after hearing it otherwise your coffee will be unsuitable to consume. 

Cool them down

You can do this by transferring them to a colander or a metal tray and shaking them to remove any chaff or loose bits. Then, transfer them to a cooling tray or a bowl and let them cool completely before storing them.

Store & brew 

Our freshly baby beans have so much C02 it can literally explode your container if stored right after being roasted. No, we don't want that. Wait 12 hours then you can happily seal them. 

It's also important to wait 24 hours until you can grind and brew the freshly roasted coffee beans. 

Roasting coffee beans at home can be a fun and rewarding experience, but it's important to keep safety in mind. Roasting equipment can get very hot, so make sure to follow all safety instructions and precautions. With a little practice and experimentation, you can create delicious, custom roasts that are perfectly suited to your tastes.

It'll take time and patience and, possibly a few burnt beans but it's an adventure, so go embrace the learning curve. Try visiting a local coffee roaster to get some tips and see them in action!

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