Barista Tamper

Barista Tamper
The Barista tamper is made for professional use. When you make coffee at home making 5 shots per day, a solid, heavy tool is just fine... When serving 300 shots during a shift, its not as comfortable wielding an unbalanced solid metal piece.

When others choose aluminium we did as we always do, think differently ;-) The Presso Barista a die cast, hollow base stainless steel tamper. It is perfectly balanced and has a comfortable weight of about 250 grams.

Low energy tamping tampers in general are lathe machined from 60 mm to approx 20 mm. This wastes a lot of material and consumes far too much energy. In the casting of the tamper the cool thing is that it saves a huge amount of resources with virtualy no loss in material. The stainless steel in all our products is also 100% recycled which means that we save 80% in energy resources right from the start.

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