Aeropress Filter papers


Pack of 350 filter papers for your Aeropress brewer.

Small, disc shaped filter papers made especially for for the Aeropress, a quick and easy way to brew good coffee.

The Aeropress includes 350 papers when you buy it, this is an extra pack when you're needing a top up. No need to fold these filters, just pop it into the base of the Aeropress and rinse prior to brewing (to remove any paper taste).

We also have stainless steel filters for the aeropress if you want to try something different!


  • A pack of 350quality AeroPress Coffee Maker Micro-Filters
  • Genuine micro-filters for the AeroPress coffee maker
  • Circular in shape
  • The micro-filter has been designed to remove particles for a smoother cup of coffee

Recipe for Inverted Aeropress

  1. 12 grams coffee (grind size in between filter & espresso)
  2. 45 seconds bloom (75g water at 88 C)
  3. 45 second steep (85 C)
  4. 200g total water
  5. Press at 1.30 min