Behmor 2020SR+ Coffee Roaster


Craft and sample roasting meets affordable technology with the Behmor coffee roaster!

An easy-to-use coffee roaster that allows the user to make use of pre-programmed roast settings or manually control roast parameters.

Roast from 100-gram samples to 450g small-batch production: The Behmor Coffee Roaster has a patent-pending smoke suppression technology for roasting too. You can use it indoors but you will get some smoke, especially if you're roasting larger batches. 

The updated version now has a double paned glass to retain the heat better and a higher multi speed drum motor, allowing for better control over your roast.

There's now also an audible beep for safety cutoff and 15 second warning.

*please note - the 2020SR is the same as the 2000AB but works on 220V*

The Behmors are tested before they leave the factory, so if you see a little discoloration on the grill, it's positive. It's been quality checked.


  • Up to 450g coffee beans per roast
  • Roasting time between 13 and 18 minutes 
  • Easy automatic roasting: 5 pre-programmed roasting profiles 
  • Individual manual roasting (strength of burner and drum speed adjustable)
  • Constant air flow
  • Patented smoke suppression (afterburner) for indoor roasting 
  • Thermostatically controlled quartz roasting elements 
  • Cooling cycle for quick end of roasting time 
  • Illuminated interior for visual monitoring during roasting 
  • Removable roasting drum
  • Removable silver skin drawer for easy cleaning 
  • Easy to clean interior 
  • New higher multi-speed motor for better roasting control - 16 and 32 rpm
  • Firmware can be updated (requires cable connection)
  • Safety features (e.g. auto shut-off when roaster is not in use)

Technical Info:

    • Product dimensions: 26cm height x 43cm wide x 31cm depth 
    • Weight  11 kg
    • Power 1630 watts
    • 220-240 volts


    • Roaster and control
    • Roast drum
    • Chaff Collector
    • Cleaning Brush
    • English manual

    If you like to roast really light or really dark roasts, this might not be the machine for you, it's best suited for medium roasts.

     The operation manual is available on the Behmor Knowledge Base here.