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Backpack Dispenser 15L

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A 15l drink dispensing rucksack which keeps drinks warm or cold for festivals and events.

Suits all occasions from street events, promotions, concerts, conferences - anywhere you need drinks on the go!


  • Made with 'Truck taurpaulin' material for extra resistance and durability
  • Black backpack with adjustable harness
  • Holder for takeaway mugs
  • Comes with small apron
  • 15 liter mobile backpack with plastic tank for serving hot or cold beverages
  • Good insulation to keep beverages warm or cold for 2-3 hours. (depending on the outside temperature)
  • See through plastic pouch for your logo size :H 44,5 cm x B 60 cm
  • Height of rucksack approx 55cm width 38cm
  • Transparent Cup-Dispenser for cup sizes 120-300 ml
  • Not for use with carbonated drinks
  • Flag holder can be purchased additionally
  • Product comes with a 2 year guarantee


The 15-liters plastic (PE) beverage tank, dispensing hose and tap must be cleaned and sanitized at the end of each day’s use.

You can clean and re-clean the tank without causing any damage.

We recommend that you use a cleaning product made for food service equipment 
of use in breweries, beverage plants and all food processing operations. Alternatively, you can also use dishwasher powder.

  • Dissolve a tablespoon of cleaning powder in a cup of hot water and add to the water in the tank.
  • Remove the beverage container from the insulated backpack together with dispensing hose & tap.
  • Don’t remove the dispensing hose from the container.
  • Rinse out beverage residues from the container.
  • Remove the Lid.
  • Pour 2 gallons (approx. 8 litres) of warm tap water into the tank. (Do not use well water and never use a public bathroom).
  • Do a quick rinse of the container and dispensing hose & tap.
  • With water still in the container, add the cleaning product. Replace lid and shake the beverage tank for 10 seconds.
  • Allow the solution to remain in the tank for 10-15 additional minutes.
  • Dispense the liquid inside the tank giving you a good sanitation process. Make sure you empty the whole tank trough the
    dispensing hose & tap.
  • Rinse beverage tank with warm tap water twice - shake vigorously.
  • Cleaning and sanitation is completed. Allow the beverage tank to dry before replacing lid, if possible. Replace lid and store
    for next use.

If you give the last rinse with biological water disinfectant, you will get a perfect cleaning and disinfection of the container.

If you need spares for your coffee back please let us know, we can get them for you!