Grinder Sette 30 - Baratza


Perfect home use / coffee shop grinder. Sette 30 has a macro only adjustment for grind size and is an inexpensive option to get you started on your espresso journey!

Baratza continue to innovate and develop their grinders, the Sette 30 was launched as the Sette 270's more affordable younger brother. You're wondering how the two differ? 

The Sette 30, as the name suggests, has 30 macro grind settings (same as the 270 but that also has 9 micro adjustments for each setting, hence the name 30 x 9 = 270)

The burrs are the same on both grinders, but on the 270 they're in a metal housing whilst it's hard wearing plastic on the Sette 30.

It's possible to program the Sette 30 in hundredth of a second internal up to 10 seconds. The 270 comes with 3 programmable timed presets.

The portafilter holder on the Sette 30 has plastic support folks and the 270 has metal version.

So there are a few difference between the two grinders to justify the different price levels. It's a quick grinder, the grind consistency is good and the after sales support is fantastic. You'll always be encouraged to repair your Baratza grinder rather than buy new. 


  • Burrs: Ø 40 mm, steel, conical
  • Grind range (microns): 230 – 950
  • Steps of adjustment: 30
  • Fine-tune adjustment: 26 micro = 260
  • Speed to grind: 3,5 – 5,5 g/s
  • Hopper capacity: 285 g
  • Grounds bin capacity: 160 g
  • Weight: 3,2 kg
  • 220v
  • Dimensions WxHxD: 13/40/24 (cm)

Easy to remove burrs for cleaning, we recommend using Cafetto grinder cleaner to remove oil residue to ensure your coffee taste is not tainted.