Cafetto Eco Capsule Clean


Why have chemicals in your machine when you don't have to? The green range from Cafetto removes such questions and gives you reassurance that you're using products that don't harm yourself or the environment.

Not everyone cleans their coffee machine but there's build up in all machines which will taint the flavour of your brew. Washing with water alone doesn't remove the oily build up


  • 6 pods 
  • Eco friendly and registered for organic use
  • 100% biodegradable capsule and recyclable foil
  • Removes build up of coffee oils to improve your coffee taste
  • Reduces risk of machine break-down that can occur as a result of blockages
  • Simple-to-use cleaning capsule 
  • Use between different beverages to stop cross-contamination of flavours
  • Free from phosphates and GMOs
  • Improves the longevity of your equipment
  • Compatible with Nespresso® machines

The Cafetto Eco Capsule Clean is specifically designed for the Nespresso® capsule machines. Easy to use and effective. Use once a week to keep your machine clean and your coffee tasting better than ever.