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Cold water coffee dripper - stainless steel 10cup - Tiamo


It's like having your own coffee alchemist in your kitchen!

Fill the top glass bulb with water and ice, then sit back and relax as the magic happens. Expect the brewing process to take anywhere from 3 to 7 hours – patience is a virtue!
The result? A stunningly clean and sweet cup of coffee that'll make your taste buds do the happy dance.

1. Dosing and grinding

Like a maestro, it all starts with your taste preferences. Begin with the base ratio of 10g of coffee per 100ml of brewed coffee. For a half-liter brew, that's 50g of coffee. Add this finely ground coffee to the stainless steel filter. Start with a regular drip grind and tweak it finer depending on your coffee's character.

2. Water and Ice

Fill the top container with a delightful mix of fresh ice and cold water, depending on your coffee ambitions. The colder, the better!

3. Drip speed

Adjust the valve so that the water drips at a leisurely pace of about 1 drop per second, or 1.5 seconds if you're feeling fancy. Feel free to check in on your brew midway – sometimes the top carafe's water levels call for a little dance of their own to maintain the sweet spot of 40 to 60 drips per minute.  

4. Chill

Once the brewing spectacle is complete, your coffee will be at room temperature – but don't fret! Pop it in the fridge for an icy adventure, or serve it up in a glass packed to the brim with ice cubes. Sip, savour, and beat the heat!


And there you have it, the cold brew in all its glory! Our stainless steel coffee filter is your trusty sidekick on this journey – no need for filter paper, but you can add it below your coffee grounds or on top if you fancy it. Brewing typically takes 3 to 5 hours, so sit back and relax while your cold brew works its magic.

Now, all that's left to say is... ENJOY! Your icy coffee masterpiece awaits.