Coldbrew Cupping Kit Paper Filters 50pcs - Toddy


Compostable filters from Toddy are made with natural paper to strain out those bitter acids and fatty oils. Left behind is only the smooth, rich flavour.  Each filters is specially developed to the specific requirement of the brew method, in this case the Coldbrew cupping kit

Toddy has developed the industry's first sensory cupping evaluation tool designed specifically for cold brew.

The kit allows side by side comparisons of your cold brew coffee recipes by controlling all of the variables, allowing you to focus fully on the cold brew cupping flavour and profile.

The Cupping Kit allows you to cup and taste small batches of different recipes rather than trying out big, unsuccessful recipes!

Less waste and more delicious cold brew coffee!

When the Cupping Kit is paired with the Toddy Cold Brew Cupping Protocol and Cupping Form, you now have all fo the tools necessary that will allow you to cup cold brew coffee in a systematic way that is similar to a traditional cupping protocol.

Includes 50 filter papers.

Toddy code: TCKPF50