Coldbrew Cupping Kit Set of 3 - Toddy


Rather than making large batches this kit enables cafes or roasters to create their coldbrew recipes on a small scale to reduces waste and increase the quality.

The Toddy Cold Brew Cupping Kit allows you to brew your coffee and use sensory analysis similar to a traditional cupping method but equally aligned with the final brewing method of choice using cold water.

For tips and advice that Toddy have carefully put together, check out their wise words here

Toddy Cold Brew Cupping Kit Features

Cupping Evaluation – Using a Cold Brew Method to evaluate Cold Brewed coffee makes sense.

Save Time and Waste – Only Prepare what you need for the Cold Brew Cupping, not having to make large batches.

Dialling-In – Creating a fast and effective way to cup several cold brews to find and produce the perfect profile for your needs.

Here you'll easily see how to work with different parameters


Single Set 1

  • Brewing Vessel
  • Vessel Lid
  • Filter Basket
  • Set of Tongs
  • 12 x Filter Papers
  • 12 x Tree-Free Filters

Alternatively you can get a set of three:

Set of  3

  • 3 x Brewing Vessels
  • 3 x Lids
  • 3 x Filter Baskets
  • 1 x Set of Tongs
  • 12 x Filter Papers
  • 12 x Tree-Free Filters

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Toddy code: TCK3