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Coldbrew Pro Series 38L - Toddy

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Cold Brew System Pro Series 10 is a new Cold Brew set from Todd with capacity of 10 gallons (approx. 38 litres).

Set includes:

- Brewing container
- Lid
- Filter platform
- Valve Assembly
- Toddy Cleaner
- Mixing Paddle
- 10 Filters. 


- All metal parts are constructed from stainless steel.
- The valve is easily removable and cleanable.
- The internal filter platform is constructed from one solid piece of stainless steel and has no folds or pockets where liquids or coffee grounds could get trapped.
- The lid handle fits on the brewer handle for storage.
- The system uses single use, compostable filters. 
Use this protocol form to help assess the properties of your cold brew.
Check out Toddy on their YouTube channel for more inspiration.
Toddy code: TPS10