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Frank Green


Frank Green Smart Bottle 25oz

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Great water bottle for the car, work, gym or just on the go. 750ml

The 25oz / 740mL SmartBottle is a multi-award winning reusable bottle that fuses design, form and function with sustainability.
You’ll get exclusive access to the frank green Hydrate app which records your daily hydration goals, keeps you on track with reminders, and lets you know exactly how you’re protecting the earth with a live record of plastic bottles saved from landfill.
Our hand-picked colour palette is a celebration of the seasons, with hues that range from natural tones to pops of colour, they'll appeal to the minimalist, the maximalist and anyone in between.


  • Exclusive access to frank green Hydrate app
  • Clever one handed, push button operation opens and closes the SmartBottle’s spill resistant lid
  • The drinking hole is designed for optimum liquid flow
  • Made from premium quality materials with a stain and odour resistant inner — taste your water and not your bottle
  • Fits in standard cup holders
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Recyclable at end of life

Using your Hydrate app:

  • Personal Profile — Suggested daily intake based on your lifestyle.
  • Reminders — Keep on track with your hydration goals by setting reminders.
  • Easy to use — NFC enabled device users can tap their SmartBottle lid to record hydration. All other smartphone operating systems work too, it's just a simple input of information.
  • Tracker — Keep track of plastic bottles saved from landfill.
  • Reporting — Daily and weekly hydration summaries in one easy-to-read graph.