Baratza Grinder Sette 270


Perfect home use / coffee shop grinder. Sette 270 gives accurate grind settings not only for espresso brewing but also for different hand brew methods.

Simple, efficient and durable. Easy to use grinder which can be micro adjusted to ensure you get just the grind you want, to the nearest 0,1g.

LCD screen and simple control with a play and pause button. With 3 programmable settings for grind duration it's really quick to grind to your exact specifications.


  • Burrs: Ø 40 mm, steel, conical
  • Grind range (microns): 230 – 950
  • Fine-tune adjustment: 9 micro = 270
  • Grind setting: 30 macro + stepless micro adjust with 9 indicators
  • Speed to grind: 3,5 – 5,5 g/s
  • Hopper capacity: 285 g
  • Grounds bin capacity: 160 g
  • Weight: 3,2 kg
  • Dimensions WxHxD: 13/40/24 (cm)

Easy to remove burrs for cleaning, we recommend using Cafetto grinder cleaner to remove oil residue to ensure your coffee taste is not tainted.