Sifter Plus Upgrade Pack - 4 Sieves - Kruve


Remove Unwanted 'Fines' & 'Boulders'

The KRUVE Sifter's patent-pending sieve system removes both fines and boulders, leaving you with just the grind you need to make a great tasting coffee.

Customize Grind Size Within a Desired Micron Range

If you own a Kruve sifter then you might want to experiment with your grind size to create your own personal perfect brew.

The Kruve sifter gives you full control over your grind size and enables you to customize your coffee recipe down to a precise micron range. Use only the grinds you want! Nothing bigger, and nothing smaller, e.g. 400-800μm, 500-700μm.

Upgrade your Kruve sifter with additional sifters to experiment with different grind sizes.

PLUS Pack is intended for those who want to upgrade from the SIFTER TWO to the SIFTER SIX and contains 200μm, 300μm, 600μm, and 1000μm sieves.