Pitcher Rinser 300mm - Rhinowares


A pitcher rinser from Rhinowares which can be installed in cafes, restaurants and bars to ensure the rinsing process is as efficient as possible.

The SpinJet 300mm, minimum footprint, maximum efficiency

Each jug is cleaned and cooled to allow perfect milk each time.

The Rhino recessed pitcher rinser is the perfect barista pitcher rinser. Designed as a commercial pitcher rinser its the only pitcher rinser this specifically designed for use with coffee and milk. 

All the pitcher rinser parts you will need over the life of your pitcher rinser are available.

Hexagonal holes to give more cleaning surface area and ensure more efficient cleaning.

Note that the maximum operating pressure is 2 Bar, you'll have to install a pressure reducing valve if you've more than this.

NSF Certified - All Rhinowares Milk Pitcher Rinsers are NSF Certified.

300mm Rinser Dimensions (approx): Width - 231mm x Length - 354mm

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