Shimmy Coffee Sieve - Fellow


Another new toy you say? Another gimmick? Oh no sir, this is gonna shake the life into your brew. Play spot the difference and you'll taste the difference between your average daily brew and one that's been shimmied. Try it and see! 

It's a really simple way to remove the fines in your ground coffee to noticeably improve the flavor of your brew. 

This easy tool sifts out all coffee particles under 200 microns for better grind consistency and even extraction during your brew.

Pair Shimmy with your pour-over dripper, French press, or Prismo to instantly upgrade your everyday brewing routine.

Grinds Capacity: 80 grams

Filter Size: 200 μm metal filter

Dimensions: 75 mm (L) x 60 mm (W) x 197.7 mm (H)

Materials: Plastic body, lid, and bottom cap, silicone gaskets, and 304 stainless steel filter

Cleaning: Body and filter are top-rack dishwasher safe, lid and bottom cap are hand wash only