Cupping Spoon, Stealth - Espresso Gear


What's that? Oh yes, that's right, it's sleek, matt black and ready to be your new weapon in your cupping inventory. Meet the Stealth Spoon which comes exclusively boxed and looks like a dream present for anyone looking for that special spoon.

Not a plain, boring soup spoon, don't insult it, this spoon delights only in cupping coffee.

Cupping is the term for tasting different coffees in their plain black state and comparing their different tastes and bodies. Espresso Gear spoon carries as much liquid in as the classic cupping spoon but less heavy and with a little wider base, making it a perfect companion for cupping sessions. Stainless Steel with Espresso Gear logo engraved on the handle.

And this is how you cup:

1) Measure up 12g of coffee beans and grind 'em coarse
2) Add 200ml of off the boil water
3) Let it brew for 4 minutes
4) Carefully remove the coffee grounds that have floated to the top
5) Sniff up the amazing aromas from the beautiful brew
6) Now take out your spoon, slurp and inhale the wonders of your coffee
7) Spit or swallow, your choice but make sure you clean the spoon before the next cup...can't have cross contamination now!

Size of our spoon, 16cm long with a mouth of 4.5cm