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Take Away Lid Black 1000pcs - Foamaroma

A lid for takeaway cups that enhances any warm drink experience.

FoamAroma was designed to enhance the coffee or tea drinking experience by engaging more of your senses. The customer on-the-go can now have a similarly enjoyable and rewarding experience as those drinking in the shop from an open cup.

Not just any lid, here are the benefits of a FoamAroma lid:

  • FoamAroma has a specifically designed shape drink hole on an angled surface, giving more room for the foam to get through the top of the hole thus increasing the foam to liquid ratio.
  • It is commonly noted that 80% of all perceived flavors come from the sense of smell. The FoamAroma design incorporates an air vent hole positioned under the nose to allow the coffee or tea aroma to be enjoyed by the consumer thus enhancing the flavor.
  • If there is any spillage, the liquid doesn’t squirt up and out; it simply falls out away from the consumer, stays contained in the reservoir area and will drain back through the aroma hole into the cup.
  • Comes in white or black and 'snaps' are available to those who wish to buy a coffee and temporarily seal the cup.

One reaction, "Sitting down to actually taste coffee side-by-side from an average lid and from the FoamAroma lid is an incredibly revelatory experience. A gorgeously-roasted Gesha from Klatch Coffee (who has recently switched to FoamAroma lids) was a characterless, bitter liquid when sucked through a tiny rectangle with no escape for its full-bodied fragrance—but was completely restored to its full flavor glory when sipped from the FoamAroma. "

(code 304) Cups sold in boxes of 1000pcs.