Nanopress Moss Green - Wacaco


A new, earthy, colour for the outdoors from Wacaco, Moss Green. For those who love the outdoors and coffee, this gadget is the one for you. Easy to use, effective and gives great results. The Nanopresso makes a good travel companion. Surprisingly, even if we believe you're very strong, the power doesn't come from your hand power but from the machine. It's clever stuff.

Use with ready ground coffee, add hot water then just pump - the power is all in the machine, delivering 18 bars of stable pressure every time, resulting in an espresso with a nice crema layer with every brew.

Both the cup and water tank are lined and feature a heatsink pattern which absorb and protect hands from the heat.

Easy to clean -  only takes a few seconds after to rinse out but can be taken apart easily for a deeper, more occasional cleaning.


  • Dimensions 156x71x62 mm /  6.14x2.8x2.44 in
  • Weight 336g /  0.74 lb
  • Water capacity 80 ml / 2.70 fl oz
  • Ground capacity 8 g / 0.28 oz
  • Max. pressure 18 bar / 261 psi

Package includes Nanopresso, built-in espresso cup, filter basket, scoop, brush, multi-languages instruction book, warranty card and two stickers.

Nanopresso Case is made of durable EVA material and soft fabric interior lining. It is specially designed to fit around the Nanopresso without any attached accessories. The case helps protect from any bumps, scratches and dust.